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Our Mission

A Platform for Performance Art

Tribal Innovations Theatre Company is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide a platform for artist of color to develop, express, and celebrate the many diversities of culture through the performing arts.


We would love to take you on an artistic adventure and guarantees an emotional experience, with captivating performances, told and expressed by phenomenal performers of various cultures, religion, or diversity.


We are committed to supporting the performing arts and generating a greater appreciation of it by the masses.


Theater Lights
Image by Alberto Bigoni

Our Vision

At Tribal Innovations Theatre Company, we are a non-profit organization, the purpose of which, is exclusively charitable and educational. We are committed to creating and transforming both community and professional theatre of upmost standards of creative excellence that:

  • Engage, educate, and empower aspiring artist in both the visual and performing arts (acting, dance, music, and art) to express and celebrate the diverse culture/ethnicity of artist of color;

  • Effectively present unique and collaborative portrayals of all ethnicity in cutting-edge traditional and non-traditional productions;

  • Using the "Tribe" mentality to offer a nurturing atmosphere, where diverse and innovative writers and artists could effectively and efficiently collaborate, develop, showcase and document both old and new productions;

  • Captures the progression of the visual and performing arts to stimulate and challenge multicultural audience/patron members;

  • Educates and empowers audience/patrons members to understand and embrace people of all cultural backgrounds in the community and the world.

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